Brink was an exciting project for many reasons. First, I consider branding as part of the UX process, so I love when I am involved from the beginning. Our team at AMS conducted naming exercises and I developed a mark and visual system for the site from there. The client was very involved, enthusiastic, and excited about a mobile first, responsive site.

The goals were to create a news site for thought leadership surrounding risk management, showing the urgency and relevance of the topics, and becoming a go-to source. The design needed to reflect that while the site is owned by the client, it is a not a corporate mouthpiece and that contributors from across the industry would be writing articles—so I started with elements of the client's branding and built upon them. I worked closely with the client and our multidisciplinary teams to brainstorm experience patterns and navigation for the target audience. We pulled heavily from our internal knowledge base, particularly Quartz, to know what would be most effective.

While I would always like more time on a project, there isn't much I would change. Internal collaboration was stellar and we have the project outlined to iterate and refine further as we see analytics after launch.