An incredibly niche list of what to get for that special nerd

"With the holidays approaching, some of you might have a blockchain designer in your life. Maybe they’re a friend or family member and you’d like to get them something they really need this year—you’ve never understood what they do, but they will not stop talking about it. You’re pretty sure “token curated registry” is a jumble of words they made up to mess with you.

Maybe they’re a person on your team and you’d like to show them how much you appreciate them, even if you don’t get why they go on and on about personas, card sorts, and typefaces. Can’t you just buy them a journey map for the holidays if they like them so much?

The intersection of blockchain and design is a nerd-filled space for sure, so we asked some Web3 designers what they’d really like this year so that you, their loved one/friend/enemy/acquaintance can hit a holiday home run."

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