GE Innovation Barometer 2014

GE‘s Global Innovation Barometer is a yearly survey analysis that gives insights into the state of industry and innovation across many countries. My goals for the UX and design of this site were to create ways to easily digest and share their findings, while conveying the excitement and energy of the topic. Design needed to incorporate aspects of GE’s branding, but also signal to the user this was special and different content.

This project had a very short timeline, so my typical process had to change. Using Macaw, I created prototypes instead of flat wireframes—to show the client and development team my early thinking so we could move quickly. For design, I made element and interaction collages for repeatable elements.

The big challenges were defining the site’s relationship to the news site AMS did for GE, Ideas Lab, and making a home for a 3rd party provider to insert data visualizations prior to launch. Time was taken finding the right video solution (the dark gray areas in the design below are background video) that would work on different devices. Some of the most effective elements were the shareable pull quotes—pre-populated tweets to make it easy for users. Overall the client was pleased with the result—a site that elevated the content, supported with editorial imagery, and made important points easily shared.

*Ideas Lab has since been redesigned, and some of the styling of the Innovation Barometer has been altered by conflict with new CSS files.