ASPPH Redesign

The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health’s main need was to convey the excitement of their industry through a vibrant narrative. Much was buried in pdfs and multiple domains. My part in the engagement was UX and design—delivering wireframes, designs, and templates for collateral materials, such as print and email.

The ASPPH team was passionate and extremely open to new solutions—and most notably, maintaining those solutions. I think there were too many successes on the project for me to name, but among my favorites are the high intensity design, color and custom icons contributing to UX patterns, and the focus on individual’s stories.

It is truly a mobile first site and stands out in the competitive landscape. One challenge was UX of the program search—how much information was necessary, hierarchy, and the tension of political considerations. If I could change anything, it would be able to spend more time iterating and time to focus on post-launch refinement.