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Blockchain Designers Holiday Gift Guide

An incredibly niche list of what to get for that special nerd

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March 22, 2018Comments are off for this post.

Designing for Blockchain: What’s Different and What’s at Stake

How to design for trust around a “trustless” technology.

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November 13, 2017Comments are off for this post.

A Decentralized Design Practice

Experiment 1: Design Jam

What does a design practice look like at a decentralized organization?

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Blockchain Design Principles

I wrote about the particular UX challenges we face when designing blockchain applications and tools. Read more

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Make your data points shareable

Be more efficient and effective by designing graphics for sharing. Read more

May 23, 20133 Comments

A Designer’s Responsibility

This morning while driving in to work, I was behind a car that had a "Women for Obama" sticker on the back from the 2012 election. Read more

April 17, 2013Comments are off for this post. Design Principles

Recently won design of the year, which is discussed on Design Observer. I love that Government Digital Services decided to publish their design principles that clearly lay out how they tackled such an enormous project. Read more

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On Critique

Critique is the heart of design—we do it in groups, constantly in our own heads, and hear it from everyone (“qualified” or not). It is part of a designer’s being to look at something, rearrange, break it down, build back up, and polish, polish, polish. It’s no wonder we are a very critical community. Read more

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Icon Fonts

Recently I was reading Paul Boag's “Breaking free of the print design mentality” blog post where he asks the question, “How can you create a compelling design that works just as well across all of these canvas sizes? To many this sounds impossible.”

One way I try to create designs that will work anywhere is to use icon fonts. You are probably already familiar with regular icon fonts on every machine, like Wingdings or Webdings, but icon fonts can do so much more on the web. Read more

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